Platinum Printing

For the discerning ...................... a platinum print.


The moment may be in the past, but you will cherish the memory. A Platinum Portrait is perhaps the most permanent remembrance available to preserve memories for generations to come. The exquisite quality of platinum prints are unique and one to behold.

Platinum printing is history's most beautiful photographic process. Platinum prints are known for their delicate tonal scales derived from hand coated noble metals, platinum and palladium on fine art papers. One hundred years ago the Platinum print was the most popular photographic medium among the finest of artistic media, one of the most permanent of photographic processes, Platinum is once again in vogue.


The platinum print is for people who have the ability to see...

The " Platinorati " - those of us that have an appreciation of a fine handcrafted Platinum print. 


Platinum printing is truly an art form, time and labour intensive. It begins with a negative the size of the image you would like. After hand coating and drying the paper, the negative is exposed to ultra-violet light counted in minutes rather than seconds. The print is then processed and dried and ready to be framed. The process can take anywhere from a number of minutes to an hour and longer. The goal is to produce a one-of-kind image of the highest quality.


Portraits look alive.

Landscapes and still lifes appear to have an inner glow.


Since the late 19th and early 20th century, master photographers have been using Platinum printing to create images of exceptional beauty:

  • the prints are hand coated with precious platinum and palladium metals embedded upon and within the surface of the paper

  • prints have a long subtle tonal scale

  • prints amplify depth and surface texture and range of colour

  • printed on a selection of fine art printmaking papers


Black & White has a timeless quality and when printed in Platinum there is a physical tactile quality and " look " that has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Once seen it'll change the way you look at photographs. The process is conducive to personal creative choices made by the photographer - platinum printer, which incorporates emotion and an intuitiveness. Platinum printing is enjoying a renaissance. More and more discerning photographers are rediscovering the pleasure of working in this process which Alfred Stieglitz once called "The Prince of photographic printing processes".


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